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Posted June 25, 2007 By Steve
I haven’t posted anything here recently, but that’s kind of a shame because there’s been a lot going on. I’ll have a few more posts up in a bit. I needed to put both my sites together, then set up a fresh design. I’m not entirely happy with it all, but at the same time it would be nice to get back to updating this blog, and I’ve been putting it off while I get everything together.
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Happy New Year!

Posted January 11, 2007 By Steve
…and then some! I had meant to get an annual message of sorts up here, but the new job and all that hasn’t really lent itself to that. Soon, though. Soon!
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Adding an entry by email

Posted July 25, 2006 By Steve

I’m still playing with the blog. Randall the Magnificent helped me
set it up on my own domain, so now I’m branching out to test other
features. I think I’ll have to harmonize the look and feel of the
blog and of the rest of the site. That’s tough, though, when next
semester is looming and there’s so much to do between now and

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Why not me?

Posted July 24, 2006 By Steve

So the way I see it, everyone else has a blog, and I’ve been online since 1993, so why shouldn’t I do it too?

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